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 Science, Matter &  the Baseball Park 3/28/23

Baseball in Field
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There's so much to see at the Ballpark, and it all matters because it's all Matter! It's everywhere.  A baseball park is a perfect setting to see some matter up close, especially on the instant replay. From the top of the stands to the grass on the field, the cameraman shows us the solids, liquids, and gases by zooming in on those atoms that make up all matter.  The scoreboard, the slushies and the balloons are just some of the matter in Science Matter & the Baseball Park? This quirky, rhyming, 340 word  nonfiction picture book takes matter into its own hands (or pages) and gives the reader a play by play description of what matter really is.  It truly knocks matter out of the ballpark! GNOME ROAD PUBLISHING                        3/21/23 

A picture book    PERFECT for teaching




             This Land is Your Land
Take a trip around the world to  discover earth's landforms and geologic features. Learn how they're made. This is so much more than a picture book.  Read the fun rhyme aloud while the words come to life in detailed, colorful illustrations. Find out about direction, maps and navigation. If you live on earth, you need to read this book. The land belongs to you!  
This is a rebus story I had published in Highlights magazine. Sorry,  you can't buy it anymore. 



My Book is in SPANISH too!!!

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